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Nikita Chernov

Frontend engineer

Tbilisi, Georgia


Frontend engineer with over 3 years of professional experience. Proficient in a wide range of base and modern web technologies (HTML, CSS, vanilla JavaScript, Web APIs, TypeScript, React, Vue, PIXI.js Node.js, MongoDB and forth), always strive to learn new skills.

I am a team player who could efficiently communicate inside a team, across company departments or with clients.

Passionate about diving deep into complex projects and making them better, crafting accessible user-friendly interfaces, performance optimizations and delivering high-quality products.


  • TrueLab Game Studios

    Frontend Developer - (3 years 7 months)

    • Developed browser games. Frontend: TypeScript, PixiJS. Backend: NodeJS, MongoDB;
    • Developed UI module: React, Redux-toolkit, Tailwind CSS;
    • Developed internal tools which are streamlined processes and enhanced efficiency either development team and other company departments;
    • Accompanied 11 projects at all development stages. Was responsible for technical implementation and sticking to deadlines. All projects were successfully implemented on time;
    • Assisted with onboarding of 7 new developers;
    • Integrated games with gaming platforms;
    • Collaborated with internal services, QA, clients, certification services and art team members to build the best product;
    • Implemented modern graphic formats that reduced average project size up to 40%;
    • Wrote unit and integration tests. Implemented unit tests for the most critical part across all projects;
    • Wrote technical documentation (guides, processes, project plans, reports, incident postmortems, style guides etc.);
  • LocoTech Service

    Service Engineer - (10 months)

    • Collected and analysed key depot indicators, which affects whole depot revenue;
    • Validated of collected data from internal and external sources;
    • Negotiated with Russian Railways representatives about correctness of collected data;
    • Negotiated with Service Engineers country-wide about correctness of collected data;
    • Interpreted of collected data to depot management;
    • Optimized interdepartmental communication processes;
    • Automated significant part of Service Engineer duties, reducing the time for everyday operations from 6 to 2 hours;
  • LocoTech Service

    Technician - (9 months)

    • Integrated automatic control system (ACS) in the train depot. After 5 month integration was successfully completed;
    • Trained foremen of all depot workshops to use the ACS. At the end of integration all foremen were able to operate the ASC;
    • Onboarded and supervised of 5 technicians. Despite diverse previous working background all technicians were successfully onboarded;
    • Solved problems with ASC operating, communicated with the developers team. During integration process were solved many small and several critical issues, that were blocking the workflow of the entire depot;

Additional information

Languages: English – Intermediate, Russian – Native

Skills and Tools: HTML, CSS, Tailwind, JavaScript, TypeScript, ReactJS, NextJS, Redux, VueJS, Pinia, NodeJS, npm, Express, MongoDB, Figma, Webpack, Vite, Parcel, Canvas, NoSQL, Jest, Postman, git